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BRIEF - Fusing Music and Lifestyle S-PLY is an Experiential touchpoint that showcase select brands that align with the intent to resonate seamlessly with the consumer.

In order to create a cohesive brand system, our team worked in sprints. The UX team, the design team, and the developers worked fluidly to develop an integrated site architecture that was both modular and scalable to best accommodate the SPLY team’s needs.

Working in direct collaboration with The SPLY team, we completely overhauled the platform to establish a service strategy and product experience that unlocks additional collaboration opportunities 

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CREATIVE - C8 was tasked to design a logo and brand identify. The focus of the task was to develop a brand.

A brand that seamlessly resonates with the demographic of consumers and also well-known talent alike. S-PLY’s tagline in ‘Cultural Intelligence’ and our vision for the brand was to allow this to translate both online and in store.To achieve the best results, our UX team became project managers, completely immersing themselves in the world of luxury streetwear Communities.


DELIVERY - We were responsible for every aspect of this design system—which has since become the gold standard at SPLY.

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Our development team built the entire ecosystem from the ground up, allowing for a scalable and flexible experience. Meanwhile our design team crafted each page, and our strategy and UX team helped redefine the way we worked with this savvy partner.We set out to completely transform a long-form piece for a new medium. This meant making sure the integrity of the project wasn’t lost in the design.